Jokes on me thinking I could keep friends or even make new ones. Screw this shit. I give up on making new friends. Screw girls. They suck. I hate girls. Why can’t I ever get along with girls? Why is it so hard for me?
Why am I so emotional? Realized I just had a dream where I saw my childhood dog and I just broke down in tears. What do dreams mean? Is there meaning behind them all? Can I start my childhood over and make better decisions in high school knowing what I know now? I wasted 3 fucking years on an asshole and stopped talking to all my friends. Who now won’t even talk to me. I screwed myself over on that. Probably why I feel so lonely now. I miss all my friends :( all the apologizing I try to do won’t do anything now. This sucks. I hate myself.

Giving my heart to someone the first time was fearless. Getting it broken was the hardest part of growing up. Giving it away again was the thought of it getting broken again will hurt so bad. Hurts to think about. I want to keep you around babe. Don’t be doing this to you know how it makes me feel? I’m terrified. Absolutely terrified. 😶

Fuck you bitch. Back away from my guy 😡

I don’t want another broken heart. I have no idea what’d I do if I lost you. I’m so in love and what’s all this mean? I’m scared and don’t understand. Don’t you see how this is making me react? 😔